Limoncello Tote


Painted by hand (of course), one-of-a-kind and part of a summer collection of canvas totes bearing the fruits of summer with a refreshing liqueur, apertif, or spritzer that will put us in that vacay state of mind. Acrylic on canvas producing vivid colors of succulent citrus, 18 x 16 in. and is the perfect size to sling over your shoulder with a few sunny essentials.

Drop us a note and we’ll write you back with price and how to get one. Cheers! LM


Hand-painted canvas tote


Acrylic on canvas tote. Sunflowers. 18 x 16 in. One-of-a-kind, no duplicates. Something nice about originals compared to screen-printed. There’s vibrancy and thickness to the actual brushstrokes. Plus no one else has one. Exclusivity in the simplest, reusable tote. Very chic. For more on where to find these totes, drop us a note. We’ll share the deets. Cheers! LM


Your own canine (or feline) painted to order, one-of-a-kind, reusable chic that we think will become your favorite bag. Check out the deets on a new blog for My Decor and Accessories in the menu above. Send us a pic of your pooch or snap one of your friend’s dog for the best gift going at $30. As always thanks for supporting fine artists.

“Take Me With You” Canvas Tote- Hand-painted to order